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The 5 Important Benfits of SEO for your Website

Importance of SEO

Posted on January 1, 2018 at 18:00 PM

The performance of Website depends of SEO

You know very much that having a website for your business is extremely beneficial. But your website need to perform in order to provide you desired result. How a website would perform depends completely on Search Engine Optimization. Without it, your site can't perform well. Google is not going to boost your website's rank, if proper SEO servicing is not done.

1. Ranking on Search Engines

Imagine you are searching for Binoculars for your next vacation. You’ve enter your search terms “best binoculars for vacation” on Google. Google showed the results. And you’ll probably find your desired binocular from the list and buy one. Now tell me, how much links you’ve clicked to get your desired results. Probably – 3 to 6. And did you clicked to go on the second pages of the result. Most likely not. Most people find their desired results on the very first page of the search results. So, if any website is not ranked on the first page of the search engines – they’ll loose almost 70% of your potential revenue. Only SEO can make your website rank in Search Engines.

2. Huge Traffic - lots of potential Customer

SEO can bring a very good amount of Traffic to your website. These visitors come from Google Search, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and many more. And you know that everyone who surfs the internet, has social medial profiles. They visit these sites; find links to your website, views your products and may likely become your clients.

3. Increase in Brand Value

SEO can spread your Business all over the world. It makes your website appear in different places, make people curious about your products and business. This way your products and services can be famous. It increases your business Brand Value.

4. Long Term Benefits

One time Search Engine Optimization can provide you long term benefits. If your site's On Page is properly optimized, you can rank on Google, Bing etc. And Good Off Page SEO can offer you a large amount of visitors. And these benefits you can get for a long time.

5. SEO is Affordable

From other marketing strategies, SEO is very much affordable. If you compare the other marketing methods with SEO, you’ll find the difference. You can take the example of our agency – BudgetSEO. We can do complete On Page SEO in just ₹ 999/-. It's a one time fee. But when the result would come, you'll be amazed.

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