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On Page SEO and it's Importance

On Page SEO

Posted on January 1, 2018 at 18:00 PM

Website's Performance depends on On Page Optimization

You’ve probably spent good amount of your money to build your website. You’ve expected to grow your business with it. But, even after a long time, you didn’t get the desired results. That means your site is not performing well. To boost the performance, you need to do On Page Optimization asap.

The term 'On Page' mean on the page or the pages of the website. You just need to analyze and optimize it according to some 'Golden Rules' of SEO Services. So that your website preforms better. There are many criteria you need to fulfill. This is not 'Rocket Science'. Anyone can do these optimization jobs.

Mobile Ready - Responsive Design

You may know most of the people access internet from mobile. A mobile device is certainly small in screen. Whether desktop or laptops use big screen. So, a website must be loaded on mobile devices as well as computing devices, properly. That's why the website design, must be responsive. Your site should respond properly with any kind of device your potential customers use. If your site does not fulfill this criteria, then it's a waste.

Meta Tags Optimization

There are Meta Title and Meta Description tags which you need to set according to the keywords of your products/services which you wish to provide to the customers. Imagine, you wish to sell 'Apples' in 'Delhi'. So, your meta title can be “Best Apple shop in Delhi” or “Best Apple dealer in Delhi, India” and so.

Customers cannot directly see these meta tags when they visit your website. These Tags are important for the search engines like Google, Bing etc. According to the meta tags on a web page, it decides whether it should include that website it's search result or not. You also need to set separate meta tags for each of your website's pages.

Proper use of 'H' Tags

There are Heading tags set by HTML coding. These tags are called 'H' Tags. These things works as headline of your web page content. There are 6 types of 'H' (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6) tags you can use. Most website uses h1-h4 tags in their pages. There is no compulsion. But your web page must have only one h1 tag, and some h2-h3 tags. And search engines also rank those websites whose h tags are fully optimized.

Enable Compression and Caching to load it Fast

No one like slow Website. There is a standard parameter for this. If your Website loads within 3-5 seconds (yes just in 3 seconds), then you are good. If not, you need to worry. Because most of the internet users leave an URL if it takes more than 3-5 seconds to load.

You can improve your site's speed by enabling the Gzip compression method. Gzip can increase the speed of your site by 40-50%. You need to check if your website is Gzip and Cache enabled.

Serve Original and Unique Content

Most of the website owner have very little or no idea about the 'Content Optimization'. They don't even know if their website is using duplicate content, taken from another website. And many web page serve very little to no content. These kind of websites can not perform on Google or Bing. No matter how much heavily you've invested in it. The golden rule is that the main page of your site must have 500+ unique and original content.

Internal Link Optimization

You need to link each and every page of the website with one another. And keywords plays an important part in this area. You need to find or put your target keywords in your page contents and link. This way your visitors will find it easy to navigate through all your pages. Search Engine bots will also provide importance to each of the site's individual pages.

Enable Social Media Buttons

Do you have social sharing buttons (Like and Share) on your website pages. These are very important aspect of a Website. Potentially a huge amount of visitor may come through this way. Millions of people visit Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. So if you have like and share buttons in your site, people come to your site, may like and share it. These way your website visitors will grow.

Enable Search Console

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu provide free search console for your websites. These consoles act like health doctor for your website. They can check whether your site is working fine with all the important aspects or not. You’ll get so much information from these tools, that you can see where your website is lacking.

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