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Off Page SEO and it's Benefits

On Page SEO

Posted on January 1, 2018 at 18:00 PM

Off Page SEO makes your Website Popular to the World

You have a very well performing website. And now you need to show it to the world and make your business popular. With the Off Page SEO services, you can reach to the whole humankind. This part of the optimization tasks cannot be done on your Website or on it’s pages. You’ll have to do it outside your Website.

Now, what you should do outside the website, how and why. There is a huge area of tasks one needs to do to get the jobs done. There are no shortcuts, but precise and simple works. Well, we’ll now show you what kind of work you need to do to get the benefits.

Link Building or the creation of Back-links

This is the most important and effective part of the ‘Off Page SEO’ . You’ll have to make external link on other websites like Blogging and Content Posting sites for your website. For that you need to post good contents and blogs in some high page rank websites. Then place your website links in the keywords of these well written contents. People will read this articles and blogs and find your website links, click on them and visit your sites. Search Engine Crawlers also finds these links and Index your site. This links are also called back-links.

Backlinks are very important to grow your website's ranking in Google, Bing, etc. And improved ranking means huge numbers of traffic and sales. There are many ways to build your backlinks. These are Content and Blog submission, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Social Media posting, Forum Posting, Commenting etc.

Article and Blog Submission

There are a huge number of websites available, that can be used to post your Articles and Blogs. Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr like website can be used to post your blogs very easily and create backlinks. Also there are very high value article submission sites like Hubpages, Article Factory, Sooper Articles etc. You need to submit good quality genuine and unique articles. You can search with “top Blog Submission sites” or “top Article Submission sites” on Google. You’ll be able to find a huge list. Just click on them and start submission.

Image Submission

If you can create images with image creating soxwares like PhotoShop or GIMP and/or take some with the help of your camera/mobile, you can share them and earn backlink. But you need to post images related to your business/website content and set proper keywords and tags. Sites like Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Imgur can be used to get the job done.

Social Bookmarking

These sites works exceptionally well to generate high quality backlinks. You can add your website page bookmarked in these websites by sharing some article. They provide good amount of visitors and credibility to your site. Reddit, Digg, Mix, Delicious are these kinds of sites.

Social Media Management

You can easily share your website and other links to the Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. and get great amount of visitors. Not only that; if your posted contents/images are good people can share them with their circle and get you popularize. It helps you sites in ranking.

Create Video and Share

Actually everyone did Image and Video sharing tasks already. And not much people need to learn this trick. You’ve all shared videos in Facebook and Youtube. There are also numbers of websites that can be used for sharing videos and creating links, pointing to your site.

Submision of Infographics

Infographics are like information presented with graphics. You can share your business or product related info with the help of infographics. And you need to be quite creative in here. Using proper image/graphics and information is essential. This will defenitely increase your brand name and value among the internet users.

Directory Submission

This is one of the easiest way to generate very high quality backlinks. Business directories are very popular in online and they get large number of visitors everyday. All you need to do is to find High Page Rank Business directories, submit your website link with Business details and proper keywords. You don’t need to write big articles to do so.

There are also several methods exists to create backlinks apart from the mentioned. There are Blog commenting, Forum Posting etc. techniques are there. But these methods has been used so explicitly, that as on today most of these practices are now categorized into spam or very little value. Although you can consider them if you can post them with good contents.

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