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Frequently Asked Questions

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This programming language can be utilized to create any kind of web page . It consists of HTML, CSS, JS and many other web development technologies. Modern websites now use HTML 5. Now many websites are build in PHP and ASPX like modern technologies. But their base language is always HTML.
WordPress is a modern Content Management System that helps you to build amazing and dynamic modern websites. You can use WordPress for free to build your own website. And there are free Themes, Plugins, Widgets available to help you in your job.
The first part of the Website Optimization is to optimize its Meta Tags. Meta Tags are written with HTML and XHTML to provide the summarized references of your whole website and its keywords. Basically there are three types of the Meta Tags – Title, Description and Keywords. But when you visit a website, these things kept hidden from you. These information are the part of Website Head area and visitors are not supposed to see them. You can’t notice these tags by just to visit them. So, I’ll show you the trick to find them.

Just visit any website from your Desktop/Laptop Web Browser. (Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla). After the web page is visible to you, type ctrl+u from your keyboard. You’ll find all the HTML/xHTML codes in that documents.

The first thing is here to notice is the Meta-Title. This the the website title, like the name and surname of a person

The second thing is the Meta-Description. In most of the cases you’ll be able to find it after the Title Tags. Its written under meta name=”description” content= "Website Summary." The Last is Meta-Keywords. It’s written under name=”keywords” content=”Keywords of that particular page”.

These tags are very important for your website as Search Engines crawler find and read them. That’s how they can determine where they should put it in their search results.

Here comer the Web pages content. The web pages contents must be very good in quality and looks very attractive to visitors so that they can stay long in your site and do some actionable jobs. Your website contents can make your products sale. Your business keywords must be there and properly optimized. Your contents must be simple to read; concrete and credible with facts; entertaining at the same time inspiring; can be deep and subtle; should be practical and relevant.
Imagine you are having a computer shop in your locality, for example – Golf-green in Kolkata. Now you are going to introduce a website for your shop. So your business keywords would be like this – Computer shop in Golf-green, Computer shop in Kolkata, best Computer shop in Kolkata. Maybe you have some exclusive collections of Samsung or Lenovo products. So your keywords can be specific like – Samsung/Lenovo Computer/Laptop shop in Golf-green/Kolkata. The keywords define the concepts and objective of the website.

We research on your website keywords properly and optimize your website accordingly.

This is a very simple .txt file name robots. This is one important file must have for all websites. It must resides in your website root/index folder. This simple text file dictates Search Engine Crawlers and other robots how to access the website. It actually establishes the communication between your site and search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc. This file instructs the web crawlers which page to visit and which is not to. It can also disable certain web pages from viewing.
Well, computer users are well aware with the tool termed ZIP. Zip compress your file size into less volume. Similarly Gzip tool helps a website serve compressed web pages to the viewers, reduce the loading time. And fast websites can easily rank in Google. People also don’t like the website that loads much slower. Enabling Gzip compression can reduce your website size up to 60-80%.
This was the thing of the past. But nowadays you’ll find each and every website is incorporated with Social Sharing Buttons. There are Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram etc. It is very very important to allow these buttons. Imagine, people visiting your website in good numbers and they are loving your contents. And now if your website has these buttons, they can easily like your website contents and share them with their circle. This can improve your search ranking and invite more visitors to visit your website.
Sitemap is also a simple Text file must be added in your website. All the website pages or URLs are added in this file with some more information like categories, last update date and time etc. This can help the search engines crawl the website more efficiently and helps to improve in search ranking.
You all know that the URL is the web address. Each and every website has at least 2 URLs of the same value or page like – yoursite.com and www.yoursite.com. But both of them represent the same page. We knew this, now you know; But Search Engine Crawlers don’t know. So Google will treat this 2 URLs differently. It decides that one of the page has duplicated content. Google penalizes duplicate content. So it degrades one URL. This will harm your website ranking.

But there is some optimization work can be done to get rid of the issue. This is called URL Canonicalization.

Search Engine leaders like Google, Bing, Yandex provide some important tools for your website. If you can enable these tools to your site, it can show a great details of your website’s performances. How much people visited your site, which page has the most visit, how your contents are working, if there is any spam or malware found in your website etc. That’s how you can track the progress of your site.

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