Digital Marketing v/s SEO

Digital Marketing vs SEO – Which is Preferable and Why?

Digital Marketing and SEO - The Mix-Up

There is a common misconception prevailing among the general public regarding Digital Marketing and SEO. Most people think that Digital Marketing and SEO is the same. But it is not.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing mean Market your business website on the digital world – the Internet. There are many kinds of promotional methods in Digital Marketing area. There are Web Designing, SEO, Paid Advertisements (PPC, PTC, etc.), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and others.

 Let’s see how these different components of Digital Marketing work?

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Web Designing

Web Designing is probably the first part of digital Marketing. Without website development you cannot set your foot in the World Wide Web. You can show your products/services, about your organization, clients testimonials on your website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You just need to optimize your website for the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, etc. We will discuss about it below in details.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click and CPM stands for Cost per Mile. In this model you can show the advertisement of your products/website (the link pointing to your site) on different other websites. You only pay when others click on your ad link.

With PPC you can post your ads to show on Google and Bing etc. This way you can reach billions of people in the world. This is the main part of another Digital Marketing module, SEM or the Search Engine Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is known as SMM. In this module you can show ads on popular social media websites like Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and many more.

Paid Advertisements

Paid Advertisement: You need to pay for your advertisements in here. You can post ads on popular classified sites like Craigslist, OLX, E-bay and many more. You can select monthly or yearly packages as per your requirements.

Email Marketing

It is a kind of Direct marketing. Agencies will send various kinds of promotional e-mails to different prospects or people. You can choose them as per their Demographics and Interests.

Content Marketing

Very effective DM strategy is Content Marketing. You must know that content is the Ruler of the Digital World. You need to post Unique and high quality contents in different famous web platforms and get potential clients.

DM is Costly

You may know that Digital Marketing is costly. Especially if you have tried such one. It costs thousands of dollars to invest in DM. This is why many website owners can not afford it.

If you want to invest in multiple modules like PPC, SMM and SEO, you must spend $500 on monthly basis. Add two more, then it will cross $1,000 budget.

When isn’t Digital Marketing Recommended?

If you are a startup business, then you may have budget related issues. And investing in Digital Marketing means a lot of money need to spend. And you know the success rates.

If you want quick result, then you must go with DM. Because it can bring you huge numbers of visitors to your site and get your business going. You may get instant positive results with the help of Digital Marketing.

Best Alternate Solution - Search Engine Optimization

But if you are investing for a long term then you can take a portion of Digital Marketing to boost the visibility of your website. And it is Search Engine Optimization.

SEO has the potential to bring large numbers of potential clients to your website. And it is less costly than DM as it is just a module of it.

Digital Marketing starts with SEO

SEO is a major part of Digital Marketing. I would say the main to it. If it is done properly, then you may not even need to invest in Digital Marketing. Don’t worry! You will get your in business running position.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Why only SEO

As Google is dominating on the Digital World, most people prefer to do SEO as per Google’s standard.

Why SEO for Google only?

According to, the current market share of Google Search stands 92.27% (Sept, 2019 to Sept, 2020). Bing has 2.83%, Yahoo got 1.59% and Yandex possess 0.5%. Google is everywhere.

The Benefits of SEO

According to, the current market share of Google Search stands 92.27% (Sept, 2019 to Sept, 2020). Bing has 2.83%, Yahoo got 1.59% and Yandex possess 0.5%. Google is everywhere.

SEO is Affordable

SEO takes minimum cost and gives you maximum profit. You can hire affordable SEO agency at $40-$50 monthly charges. And still you will get great results if SEO is done properly.

Long Term Benefits

The benefits of Search Engines Optimization you can enjoy in long term. Quality SEO service will boost the ranking of your website within 2-3 months and it will continue to feed it with potential clients.

Make an impact as a Brand Name

Most people think that you can only create impact as a brand name only with Digital Marketing. But it is not entirely true. Brand name can be established with SEO and SMO.

SMO stands of Social Media Optimization. You can make you brand popular on the Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

Two Modules of SEO

You just need to optimize your website properly. That is what SEO does. It has two modules – On Page and Off page.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is considered as the most important part of SEO. In here you need to optimize your website as per the Google’s quality standards. This way you can tell what is your website all about. What is it for? Why it is here?

The works will be On Web Pages only. This is why it is called On Page SEO. You need to optimize the below mentioned aspects:-

  1. Meta Tags (name and Description)
  2. H Tags (Headline Tags like h1, h2, h3, etc.)
  3. Keywords
  4. Open Graph (OG Data)
  5. Schema Meta Data (for Local SEO)
  6. Contents and Pictures
  7. Canonical URL
  8. Duplicate URL and Contents
  9. GZIP and Cache Control Mechanism (for Page Loading Speed)
  10. Social Profiles
  11. Google Webmaster and Analytics Tools

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is done on the external side of your website. You need to generate high-quality back-links that will be pointed to your website/web pages. This can be achieved with Article and Blog publishing, Social Media Optimization, Classified and Advertisements Posting, etc.

You will be publishing contents on popular websites and add a link with proper keywords to your website. When Search Engine Bots will visit those popular websites, they will find your link and visit your web site. This way Google index web pages and list them on Search.

Cost of SEO

The cost of SEO varies between $100-$500 per month. You can research with low cost SEO agencies and check what they are offering. If that suits you, then you can try them.

We, the BudgetSEO is among India’s cheapest agency. Our best SEO package cost is merely $42 per month. You can check our price list and see what we are offering.


I hope that now you can understand the differences between Digital Marketing and SEO. So you can choose what is best for your company as per your requirements and convenience.

If your SEO agency takes care of their services, properly and effectively, then you may never invest in other modules of Digital Marketing. You will get regular visits of huge potential clients and boost your business within a very few months.

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