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We also design SEO friendly Websites at low cost with the help of WordPress

If you want high-quality Search Engine Optimization Services at the lowest cost, then BudgetSEO in Kolkata is the perfect SEO agency for You.

We don’t target for the Rank. We love to make your website to perform better than ever. And this is the main key to get it ranked on the search results page in Google, Bing etc.

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Budget SEO Services

Low Cost Web Designing

The best part of our web services is the affordability. We are probably the most affordable web designing services provider in this planet. All our services starting from just ₹1000/-. Whether it is Website making or SEO services in India. Sites developed with WordPress belong to the budget package category. HTML designed websites are a little pricey.

Full Website Optimization

You may have one or multiple websites. If they are not performing well, then you need serious analysis of the whole website. Otherwise you would not know what is wrong with your site. We drastically analyze website at low cost to find major faults and make changes with your site. This way your website gets rejuvenated and perform better.

Web Content Writing

“Content is the King” is a very well known metaphor in the Digital Marketing. Whoever has original, unique and good quality contents, can rule the digital world. And search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex also prefer high quality genuine web contents. We write high standard unique web contents at budget price and serve them.

Cheapest ON Page SEO

All website pages need to follow certain important rules to get rank in Search Engines like Google, Bing Yandex etc. We technically evaluates all the websites, optimize it’s pages with all standard On Page SEO guidelines. After that our SEO Agency implement those top SEO methods at cheap rate and make it very much SEO friendly than ever before.

Affordable Off Page SEO

When Search Engines go through any web page page, they found some clickable links. These are called Backlinks pointing to another web page or website. This is done by Off Page SEO Services. You have to put your website link in these sites to get visitors and ranking. They are working as a pointers, targeting on your website.

Social Media Managament

Whoever uses internet, has account on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. all these platforms help us to connect with people, on global scale. Do you know that you can create your business page on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? If not then create one, now.

Why Choose Budget SEO Agency in India?

why-Choose budget SEO agency

Most of the SEO agencies offer their services at a high cost. If you are familiar with SEO services all around the world, you know that truth. You may have hired some Search Engine Optimization professionals for your site and paid them heavily. And there is plenty chance that you are still paying them high.

But don’t feel embarrassed. You are not the only person who has paid in high bucks to hire a SEO agency. Generally this kind of services don’t come with moderate price tags. Most of the people are thinning their pocket for this purpose. And it’s worth it if they gave you the desired result. But many of them fail to do so even after getting handsome fees.

I am not saying that all of them are bad. Some professionals could gave you the exceptionally good results you didn’t even think of. And hiring these SEO experts could cost you ₹50,000-200,000 ($750-3000) per month. But we are giving you Search Engine Optimization solution in just ₹1000-3000 ($14-42).

So you might think that it’s not what you are looking for. We don’t guarantee you that within 7 or 15 days your website will be on Google’s no. 1 list. Because none can do that. Believe us or not – it’s up to you. You should check the affordable SEO Packages price list and decide for yourself.

rom our SEO service, you’ll notice significant positive results after the very first month. And within 3 months you’ll get very good position on Google. If not on first page, then it coul be on 2nd or 3rd page. That we can assure. If your website uses 100 keywords, then at least 5-10 keywords will get rank on Google’s first page.

If you give us 5 keywords, we will use another 50+ different combination of words. And Google you’ll get rank on those 50 keywords too.

We are here to provide India’s most affordable SEO solutions to the nation and the world. So that everyone can afford to have a good quality website and showcase their Products / Services to the world.

SEO is a fairly long process. Your website need to pass a huge numbers of tests, online in order to get rank. See the On-Page SEO checklist below:-

  • Use of Proper Meta Tags
  • Integrate Rich Structured Data – Open Graph and Schema
  • Utilize H-tags best possible way
  • Proper use of Keywords in H-tags and Web contents
  • Website Loading Speed
  • Domain Age
  • Internal Linking
  • Website Security

and many more.

It’s like growing a seed into a plant. You need to take care of that thing from time to time. Then only it’ll provide you good result and you’ll get the ripe fruit. Although in this case, you don’t need to wait that much to get your site on Google’s SERP.


Our mission is to provide the best SEO services at the most affordable cost in India and abroad.

BudgetSEO agency is the cheapest SEO agency in Kolkata. We are commited to provide the best low cost SEO services in India. We can provide cheapest On Page and Off Page SEO solutions to the whole World. Our affordable SEO packages starting from just ₹1000 in India, $14 for other foreign countries.

We also design websites at lowest rates in anywhere on this planet. Our low budget web designing is based on WordPress and HTML.

Cost of On Page SEO

Our Cheapest On Page SEO packages in Kolkata starting from just ₹1000/- for India, $14 for Abroad.

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The Features of Budget SEO Services in Kolkata

Optimize Meta Tags

Meta Tags like Title and Description are embedded with codes that shows the valuable informations to the Search Engines about your website. The meta tags also determines how your website will look in Google of Bings search results. This is the first part of all On Page SEO.

Schema Markup

Using Schema Markup on your website helps it to rank your site. Schema data is also called as Rich Snippets and they enhances the SEO ability for any website. It is very helpful to show Local and small businesses, Companies, Blogs, Upcoming Events and FAQ etc. in search

Integrate Open Graph

Open Graphs (OG data) determine the looks of your website on the Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms. You can optimize them to make your website more attractive when sharing it on the Social Media platforms.

Enable Gzip

Like .Zip and .Rar, Gzip compression enable your site to compress the file sizes up to 90% and serve them to the viewers. This way your website can load faster and help to get good rank on Search Engines. Our low cost SEO services give high importance to enhance the speed of web page loading.

URL Canonicalization

URL Canonicalization is a technique to tell the Search Engines which is the most important URL among the similar ones. A website can have 4 different URLs for a single page. Search engines consider all of them are different. So you need to tell the search engines that these all URL are the same and you mark one of the URL as the preferred version of the webpage.

Activate Cache

Enabling Cache mechnism also make your website very fast across the web. And you already know that speed is very important part of On Page SEO. Google also loves fast website and rank them instead of the slower counterparts. And no visitor also like slower loading websites. All SEO Services in the world follow this rule.

Utilize Robots.txt

Robots.txt file is created to tell the serach engine robots how to crawl a website and it’s pages. It is a part of REP which is also known as the Robots Exclusion Protocol. With robots.txt file you can choose which web agent can crawl your site and which can not.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is also a very important part of On Page SEO. You need to provide proper name and alt text to all the images in your website. So that iut matches the contents of the particular page. You also need to reduce the size of the image files so that your web pages can load faster.

Enable Sitemap.xml

Sitemap is one of the most important factors of On Page SEO. It tells the search engines about all the pages and posts of your website. The XML version of the sitemap is important for good ranking. It guides the search engines to explore all the areas of your website.

Use Google Analytics

Like Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics tools are also free service. You just need to put a simple code on each and every web pages in your website and Google will track them. With Analytics tool you can see how many visitors your website having each day and week and month. You will know from which country and city most of your visitors coming. But the list does not ends here. There are many other aspects your can explore with Google Analytics Tools.

Optimization of Web Contents

Your website can be more preferable if the contents are better optimized. This On Page SEO technique is very crucial in order to get good rank. Generally well written unique contents you need to serve on each web pages. And there should be atleast 1000 words web content per page required. And our low cost SEO agency provides unique and genuine web contents for your website.

Webmaster Tools Integration

Webmaster tools is a free service provided by Google, Bing and Yandex etc. These tools can help you to manage and asses the total performance of your website. It will show you one which search term your website is ranking high and low. You can also see how many other websites are pointing to your website. These are also called backlinks which is most important for Off Page SEO.